[sdiy] From a commercial standpoint -- has Eurorack "won"?

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I'd say that Euro has more or less become defacto standard. Yes there are some things out there that aren't that great but also some really neat stuff. I more or less work in electronics and know what the right way of doing things is. There is a lot of Euro stuff out there that is just done wrong. PCBs with values on the silk screen not designators, parts that don't fit boards, boards not done right because of power and signal issues, mediocre to no documentation and so on.... For me the real big issue is the power system. They could of keyed the connectors and every module should have reverse voltage protection.

I started to build my system a few years ago before Euro became real main stream. My only real experience with it was with the Doepfer stuff. My friend got a large system when they were turning out garbage and there was going to be a lot of work to replace a lot of jacks and pots. He ended up selling it and went with MOTM/5U. So I ended up going Frac with Blacet.

The reasons were:
* Needed a smaller format because I wanted a big synth in a small house. Main reason for the larger formats is ease of use for real time performances. I figure if I need that an external controller patched in can handle that.
* I really like to build things and I can solder really well. The kit option is a great way to do that.
* Lastly and very important is the quality of the modules. Blacet gear is top notch.
* Only real disadvantage is there could be a few more modules in the product line. A few more filters/signal modifiers, ring modulator and some form of slew/lag.

Jay S.

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Frac had a great expansion (from the small Paia beginnings) several years
ago but the virtual explosion of Euro modules has provided a lot of
choices (too many IMHO) for modules. Euro cannot sustain this growth and
only a few companies will survive down the road.

Euro has some technical and functional challenges but is generally useful.
We even put a Euro power connector on our latest module, the MIX3500. It
is available as an option, which has not generated much interest. The
customer would have to supply their own Euro front panel. The module works
fine on 12V, with the drawback (common to ANY Euro mixer) of 6V less

Of course format "wars" always bring uo the VHS vs Beta vs DVD vs Blu Ray
vs streaming video comparison and we all have seen that evolution. (Some
of your younger folks might have to Google VHS!). Personally I like Blu
ray the best but the mastering can make a huge difference. Also 4K is out
there but exactly where, I dunno.

> I think you've got the live thing backwards. Eurorack is better for live
> because you can have more functionality in less space. Less weight to
> carry
> around and takes up less room on the stage so it can be easily fit amongst
> other gear, mixers, turntables, etc. Ergonomically it's not ideal but not
> worse than most standalone devices people are using today, with the
> exception of some modules that go overboard with density.
> On Sun, May 1, 2016 at 05:23 Terje Winther
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> wrote:
>> Just curious about people’s thoughts…
>> Eurorack har not won yet, but it clearly dominates, because of these
>> simple factors:
>> - size (everything seems to be small these days)
>> - price (small items means less costs)
>> ...and the fact that most users work in studios or at home.
>> All the big formats are only practical and/or needed if you perform
>> live,
>> and since few people play live with their modulars these days (I do),
>> few
>> really need them.
>> Other factors:
>> - electronic musicians don´t tour these days; they travel, so you need
>> small items that can fit into your luggage on a plane
>> - electronic music is a nice, meaning that you don´t have excess amount
>> of
>> money, so you can´t afford roadies, meaning you have to haul the gear
>> yourself, and few musicians can (or want to) lift heavy gear
>> I like the 5U format, because of the ergonomics involved on the panels,
>> but I do understand that I am now a minority.
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