[sdiy] Fwd: Waveform Mod for Roland GR-300

David Moylan dave at westphila.net
Wed Mar 23 07:20:42 CET 2016

Sorry for the crosspost to those on AH, but probably of interest here.

Finally got a demo video made for the mod I mention below.  Adds Pulse
and PWM, Filter Mod, and a tap tempo LFO to the GR-300.  I would
recommend a tap tempo LFO to anyone who has a GR-300.  I'm using a 7 pin 
din jack to handle the multiple functions of the pedal I constructed, 
but it can be applied to the VCF pedal input without any mods to the 
GR-300 and to me is really useful.  Saw and S/H waves are my favorite.


Discussion is mostly technical, didn't do a lot of playing other than to 
demonstrate the functionality.  Really should've tuned up beforehand...

Dave Moylan

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