[sdiy] Prophet 5 weirdness.

Jim Blair ceratos at shaw.ca
Tue Mar 15 17:32:26 CET 2016

Yeah, remember that this P5 is a "brain". So a bunch of work was done on it, who knows what went down, and how long ago. 

But something's up in there. Now that I have a pretty good grasp of the symptoms, I'm going to talk to a local tech today. I'll report back with the results. 


Could it not also be swapped primary lines in the P5? Has the 
transformer been swapped out? 

On 3/14/2016 7:15 PM, Jim Blair wrote: 
> The mysterious P5 problem has been tracked down. I can't say for sure 
> that we know where exactly the problem lies, but I have called an 
> electrician to come and have a look at potential grounding problems in 
> the studio. 
> Basically, I ran the P5 into a DI with the ground lifted. Worked 
> perfectly. Then I checked it un-lifted. P5 freaked out. 
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