[sdiy] Prophet 5 weirdness.

Jim Blair ceratos at shaw.ca
Mon Mar 14 21:02:46 CET 2016

Hi all. Thanks in advance for your help! 

I have a Prophet 5 rev 3.3, which someone in the distant past converted into a brain-only format. So, no keyboard. Midi only. It's now happily residing in the lower row of a modular. It works great, and sounds amazing. The PSU has been recapped, and new regulators installed. All is well. 


Get this. When I plug the audio out into a guitar amp or a pedal, the synth works great. But when I plug it into my API preamp, or Sansamp rack unit, the synth loses it's mind. All the front panel lights start flickering, and the output is all loud and nasty noises. 

I think that the Sansamp and API are both plugged into a different AC house-circuit than the P5, but I'm not sure of this yet. More investigation is required. I run other synths, both modern and vintage, into the Sansamp and API all day long, and have never experienced a problem. 


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