[sdiy] Hi From Terry

thx1138 at earthlink.net thx1138 at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 14 00:37:45 CET 2016

Hi Neil,

Well I am swamped with work and have not had a chance to put much mail out to friends for a while.

I did have a question, who builds the best Midi Keyboard DIY project out there these days?

My E-Mu 4065 keyboard is non midi and will never be, but I wanted to look at cortex M3 , M4 and M7 as a replacement for this platform instead of a Z-80.

Z-80, sounds old I know, but it was the beginning for me at Oberheim and E-Mu.

Time to move forward and see what projects people have done.

I need:

Midi In/Thru/Out

Polyphonic up to 16 voice ideal, but I could live with 8 channels.

Poly Sequencer


Pitch Bend 



I may have to build this as much of the stuff I have seen leaves me wanting a better software implementation.

Let me know what you think.

best regards,


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