[sdiy] Variable power supply

Phillip Harbison alvitar at xavax.com
Sat Mar 5 20:45:54 CET 2016

Joel B wrote:
> What would folks here recommend for a relatively inexpensive
> variable dc power supply for the synth electronics experimenter?

Do you really need it to be variable? I would think +/-15VDC or
+/-12VDC would be sufficient 95% of the time. I bought a power
transformer from Digikey, an IEC power inlet with switch and
fuse, a Bud box, and this +/-15VDC regulator board on Amazon.


If you need it to be adjustable a pair of these might do.


...or these which have built-in LED displays.


IEC power inlet module

Power Transformer

Bud Box (7"x5"x3")

Phil Harbison

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