[sdiy] Variable power supply

Neil Johnson neil.johnson71 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 15:00:25 CET 2016


Tom Bugs wrote:
> Last year I picked up this roughly £100-ish Tenma unit:
> http://cpc.farnell.com/tenma/72-10500/power-supply-2ch-30v-3a-adjustable/dp/IN06824
> It seems perfectly fine! (though if I were investing a bit more I'd sure
> look for HP/Agilent/Thurlby etc)

Umm, sorry to say based on personal experience I would not recommend
those supplies AT ALL.

They have a hidden 5th memory, which by default is set to max volts
and max amps.  You get to it by accidently touching the dial in a
certain way.  Great way to fry several prototype boards.  Not.

All the ones at work now have the memories set to 0V and 0A.  Just in case.


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