[sdiy] Audio circuits and basic electronics knowledge recommendation.

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Thank you, Brian. I did see a few of there entry level models, 2 or so years ago. They also mentioned they have pre-owned machines available at a significant discount. Never-the-less, they we in the $20k-$30k range at that point and do not see them coming down in price, yet. They are truly accurate and relatively fast.  Sincerely,   
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> I would love to get my hands on a laser cuter for prototyping. Any idea what these are running, on the entry level machines?

In Seattle, Metrix Create:Space has a LPKF Protolaser S capable of 2-mil traces with 2-mil spacing. They also have a CNC PCB Plotter for the necessary drilling. I had the honor of designing the first functioning circuit that they built - a tiny PCB the size of a coin for wearable computing.


I thought you asked "where," but I see you actually asked "what," as in cost - I think they're six figures to buy, and I don't know whether that includes the significant training necessary to operate them properly. Depending upon what you want to spend your time on, you're probably better off hiring someone to make PCBs for you rather than buying the equipment to do it yourself.


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