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"saure"  Sent an email with a lot of measurements - did you get it?
Anyway, I ended up not having time to replace the indicator but got
most of the synth up and running perfectly. This was bought by a local
college from EMS and kept in the proverbial and actual dark closet for
many, many years. It was in dirty but excellent condition.

Does anyone have a source for the presto-cards for this? Or the spec
on the card so I could have some made?
Thanks, Jeff

On 6/28/2016 at 2:54 AM, "saure"  wrote:      

	Could you help me finish my VCS3 clone, could you please provide me
with the exact measurements and angles of the wood case. 

	I have been collecting the original parts for years now and for some
reason looks like the measurements of the case are some classified top
secret stuff that no one wants to share, last person I asked this
tried to sell me a case for 480 euros. 

	As for you question, I have seen several different lamps used in the
VCS3/AKS, you could try to replace the lamp and use the original
socket, I have not found any other info for those other than it is 24V
20mA like you stated. 
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	I was recently given a EMS Synthi VC3 MKII to look at. I was
wondering if anyone has a source for the trapezoidal envelope trigger
indicator.- 24v, 20ma.
 Any direct replacement options?   
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