[sdiy] Is anyone familiar with "scientific-community"? (Ebay)

Dave Garfield daveogarf at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 27 01:33:49 CET 2016

 Hi, DIYers!
Found a ROM OS replacement for my Roland JD-990 on Ebay, and they're offering a version 1.05 for $39.95.
Has anyone dealt with scientific-community before?  Looking for a recommendation, or at least an "all clear".  They seem to sell the latest OSes for many of our favorite classic synths.  
Thank you in advance for any information, testimony, etc. on scientific-community.  There are other ROM fish in the Sea of Ebay, so they don't have a Monopoly (Korg joke) on ROMs.  
Have a terrific New Year, everyone!
Dave Garfield - Colorado, USA
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