[sdiy] [OT] Power supplies +5v, +/-12V for sale cheap

Barry Klein barryklein at cox.net
Thu Dec 15 01:40:26 CET 2016

I have these black boxes with hefty AC power cords, CBM TE-5000, with two 
+5V linear regulators, and +/-12V linear regulators and associated 
transformer, Signal DMPC-Y-12.  The thing originally was for modems or 
something, not sure.  They weigh about 2 lbs each. I have 13 of them.
Power capability which Signal says in their doc is 5V 835mA, +/-12V 150mA. 
This won't power much of   a rack system but would power projects etc. or 
could be a simple bench test supply.  You probably will want to remove the 
internal load from the supply - your task to figure that out.
I just think someone would like these, but if not they go to Goodwill to 
sort out.
Say $5 each?  The black plastic box size is 6x6x2.5"  Shipping is the 
killer, could go in a flat rate bag for $6.80 to US. 

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