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Hi, everyone!
Again, thank you so much for your suggestions and offers.  I may be making headway.Florian, you were on the right track.  The headphone signal is clear as the proverbial bell.  The signal sounds monaural through them, but there is NO motorboating.  I will be putting my new oscilloscope on it soon.One of the reasons why I feel able to tackle this is because of that Markus Fuller video on repairing the Streichfett.  The inside is so very simple, it shouldn't be hard to find the culprit. And although the London company that sold it to me graciously offered to reimburse me for return shipping, I feel that it would be more cost-effective to remedy the situation here in the States.So again, thank you so much for your sage advice!  Happiest of Holidays, all!Dave Garfield - Colorado, USA


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 <!--#yiv4926144470 DIV {margin:0px;}-->Markus Fuller takes one apart with surprising results:

There are only a few ICs inside.  There's a MAX232 being used as a +/- 12V charge pump power supply, and a TL072 driving the outputs.  

I'd put a scope on the rails & outputs of that '072.

-Byron Jacquot

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 Hi, all
Just purchased a Waldorf Striechfett from across the pond in London.  When it arrived and I plugged it in, I was greeted by a horrendous LOUD motorboat "PUTT! PUTT!" noise from the right channel.  The left channel works just fine, as do the other functions that I've tried.
Any idea what would cause this?  Seems like a short in the output somewhere.  Shall I wait to find out what the seller says about a warranty, should I contact Waldorf directly, or should I take a chance and open it up to see if there's anything obvious that I might fix?  
Thank you in advance.  I appreciate any light you could shed on this, as I'd love to have stereo strings as promised.
Dave Garfield - Colorado, USA

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