[sdiy] [AH] Repair studio cleanout -- mostly free stuff

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Sat Dec 10 22:59:41 CET 2016

This is one of the reasons I love these email lists. I bought a bunch of
great synth books super cheap from a local list member a few years ago
including the Allen Strange book. Keep being awesome AH and SynthDIY!


On Saturday, December 10, 2016, gm <montalbanogm at gmail.com
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> Digging through 40 years of dust & crud -- would like to see this stuff
> end up somewhere besides landfill.
> Free:  (come get it in Oakland, CA)
> ELECTRONIC MUSIC by Allen Strange
> TUBE AMP BOOK 4.1 Edition (767 pages)
> GUITAR HANDBOOK  by Ralph Denyer
> Korg P3 piano module with power supply.  Free.
> JL Cooper PPS-3 version three (works, needs 9v 500ma wart).  Free.
> Also, JL Cooper Fadermaster (first version).  Works, with power supply.
> $50
> Most of these items are heavy (Korg P3 is 4.75 pounds before packing;
> Hutchins Handbook is over 2 pounds), so anyone requesting shipping should
> be prepared to pay.
> First consideration given to local pickup.
> ~GMM
> analogsynthservice.com
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