[sdiy] Looking for a tinny MIDI controller (patch change needs for Roland GR-55)

Jean-Pierre Desrochers jpdesroc at oricom.ca
Fri Apr 29 16:18:27 CEST 2016

I just bought a Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer
which is a nice instrument. Lots of nice presets to use..

After playing with it for a while I found it difficult
to rapidly change preset patches on the fly (for example in live 
The user needs to step on the 2 first footswitches at the same time
then go UP/DOWN to the patch number he needs, then select
the preset# (1,2 or 3) on that specific patch.. annoying !
Since the GR-55 has a MIDI input I designed a small MIDI foot controller
that has 3 rows of 6 preset switches. That's 18 presets ready to be 
selected fast.
I use my device now for selection.

The GR has four groups of presets: LEAD, RHYTHM, OTHER and.... USER.
So I programmed my MIDI controller to select the first 18 USER presets
by MIDI means. Now that I have this working and I'm happy with that
I'm looking for a tinny MIDI controller that would do a simple UP/DOWN
patch preset number selection for ALL the GR presets.
This one would be used only to go around all the available presets
at first to 'choose' the bests ones then copy them at my USER group's
first 18 locations. No stepping on GR footswitches.
I've seen lots of disc jockey MIDI controllers with many pads
and gadgets but I don't need that much for my needs.
Any suggestions ?


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