[sdiy] Digital delay memory

Jay Schwichtenberg jays at aracnet.com
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That is the product line that I've been looking at and with something like
STMicros' Discovery products it would make getting started with them real
easy and cheap.

There is also the plus that I deal with ARM stuff at work so I have
experience with it. I started using MicroChip stuff before all the ARM stuff
became 'popluar' so I'm pretty familiar with their stuff and have a
programmer for them too. I think ARM will probably have more staying power
but the MicroChip stuff has its place.

Jay S.

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On 04/27/2016 11:29 AM, Jay Schwichtenberg wrote:
> We see a lot of little ARM boards come out like the Teensy/Arduino for
> example. I'd like to see something like that with a higher end ARM chip on
> bigger board with USB and bootloader, external fast ram and more pins
> out. That to me would be a good basic platform for doing a whole lot of
> stuff. Main problem for hobbyists like us is most ARM chips that have an
> external memory interface are in BGA (Ball Grid Array) packages. These
> require some form or reflow soldering. Some people have used toaster ovens
> and hot plates to do that but it sounds pretty tricky for the average
> person. Also the boards would probably have to be more than 2 layers with
> buried and blind vias.

Check these parts out:


The 144-pin LQFP shown supports external SDRAM chips (think 64MB for 
about $5). Has a nice I2S-compatible serial audio port that hooks to a 
wide variety of codecs. Single-precision / single cycle floating point 
math at 180MHz. Lots of on-chip flash and QSPI for off-chip XIP if 
needed. Under $10 in qty, easy to DIY if you can handle SMT soldering - 
I do those by hand all the time.


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