[sdiy] Freebass 383 ROM anyone?

Ullrich Peter Peter.Ullrich at kapsch.net
Mon Apr 11 23:26:15 CEST 2016

Regarding the eprommer error:

"Connect Err" sounds more like a communication problem between the eprommer and your PC and not the communication with the eprom...


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Hi Gordon!

As the Freebass 383 is said to be the same as the MB33 this eprom image should work:


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Betreff: [sdiy] Freebass 383 ROM anyone?

I've got a Freebass 383 that I picked up as a non-runner a while ago.  It looks like the ROM is fried - if I try and read it my EPROM programmer just shows "CONNECT ERR" which tends to indicate it's getting nothing from it.

Does anyone have a ROM image for it that I can blat into a chip?  There seems to be a serious lack of info on these out there.

Gordonjcp MM0YEQ

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