[sdiy] Univox Mini Korg 700 envelope pop question

Mattias Rickardsson mr at analogue.org
Sun Apr 10 08:27:14 CEST 2016

Reminds me of the envelope pop problem of the new Korg Minilogue. I wonder
if they have the same VCA construction? :-)

Without having analyzed the schematics I wouldn't suspect caps - I'm
thinking there should be a CV rejection trimmer that is not properly

Den 10 apr. 2016 2:18 fm skrev "Travis Thatcher" <recompas at gmail.com>:

> My buddy noticed that there is a distinctive click when you hit a key
> on his minikorg and again you hear another click about 400ms later.
> Its not super loud but is a bummer when recording. The settings don't
> really affect the clicks either. I think it is the envelope gen
> switching stages. The 2nd click happens in time with the envelope
> decay if you have it in 'percussion' rather than 'singing' mode. Could
> this just be remedied by replacing the electrolytics around that
> circuit? I'm looking at:
> http://www.cykong.com/Synths/Korg%20700S/Korg700S.htm
> The synth has all original caps and I'm not wanting to just start
> blindly replacing parts. Or...is this just the way these things sound?
> Wouldn't surprise me :) My next step was to probe with a scope to see
> if the click is happening along the ground traces.
> Thanks for any help.
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