[sdiy] New Takla Makan Album - Technicollage

Oakley Sound oakleylist at btinternet.com
Tue Apr 5 16:21:22 CEST 2016

Sean > I wish they were available on vinyl.

Yeah, me too. Probably unlikely ever to happen though unless I win the 
lottery or I get a surprisingly large amount of downloads.

Roman > I dislike downloaded music. It does not feel like I'm having 
something real, no smell of fresh paint coming from the booklet, no 
clean record untouched by human hand before...

I know what you mean. Funny I don't seem to get that excited about CDs 
or DVDs either. But an old LP was something special. It's big and you 
had to be careful with it, so it gets treated with respect and put 
somewhere on show. To say nothing about the extra surface area in which 
to put some cracking artwork and long gear lists.

Having said that when I did sell CDs I didn't sell that many. I 
certainly didn't make any money out of it. But Bandcamp has allowed me 
to sell far more albums and not have to worry about the postal service 
busting the CDs or the CDs not working in some players.

And virtually all the music I listen to now is streamed from a hard 
drive. I still have a lot of stuff encoded as 320KB MP3 so I must get 
around to getting it changed to FLAC.



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