[sdiy] New Takla Makan Album - Technicollage

Oakley Sound oakleylist at btinternet.com
Tue Apr 5 16:07:56 CEST 2016

Thanks for the comments guys and a special thanks to all those who have 
purchased a copy.

Tony K > Care to elaborate on the sequencing or mutlitracking route you 

It's all recorded into Ableton Live 9.6. Most sequencer bits are driven 
from Live's midi clips although many are played in by hand on the 
keyboard and then tweaked and tidied up if needed. Some sequencer bits 
are actually arpeggios either from Live's own midi plugin or the Korg Z1.

Lead lines are invariably played in by hand although I will correct any 
major timing goofs within the midi editor. I do use channel aftertouch a 
lot in the solo lines although I've been careful not to use too much 
pitch bend this time around.

Some of what you hear are actually samples - recorded from my analogues 
into Live and used within Live's Sampler, Simpler or Drum 'machines'. I 
can keep it tighter that way and it reflects the way I have worked for 
years - initially using the Atari ST and hardware samplers. This in 
particular applies to percussion and drum sounds.

A lot of audio is recorded and used within Live's audio clips which are 
then chopped and changed as the life of each set progresses.

Many of the sequences though are recorded as audio from my modular and 
tweaked by hand in real time. I normally only record external track via 
midi at one time mostly because I just don't have that much gear and 
only one pair of hands.



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