[sdiy] PCB op-amp layout - 2x2 or 1x4

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Fri Oct 30 11:40:56 CET 2015

I use x4 or x2, depends on situation. Quad opamp in TSSOP14 takes 
actually more space than 2 MSOP8 because it's wider, and in SOIC there's 
not much difference in space taken. Sometimes I need more routes in 
up/down direction so placing them between two 8-pin devices is easier 
than circle twice more traces around huge 14-pin chip, or going to 
another layer.
OTOH when there are not many leads, I'm happy to have x4 opamps.

So its basicaly down to every detail of specific design.

And BTW, I don't mind quirky power supply orientation in 14-pin device, 
despite I've burnt a few chips because of that. It can always be rotated 
on PCB and everybody's happy.
14-pin devices may have more crostalk between opamps, like you have big 
spikes on one opamp and small clean signal on the other, it's better to 
split them to separate packages.


W dniu 2015-10-29 o 17:59, Justin Owen pisze:
> I guess there's probably not a hard right or wrong answer to this - but, when laying out a tight PCB with a lot of op-amps - do you choose 2x or 4x op-amp packages?
> The 2x potentially gives you more placement flexibility - but increases overall parts count, the 4x decreases the part count but potentially leaves less room for routing traces between amps...
> ...thoughts on this from experience?
> Thanks,
> - Justin
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