[sdiy] Portable USB Audio network analyzer.. using iPad Air 2 tablet..

Ullrich Peter Peter.Ullrich at kapsch.net
Wed Oct 28 13:38:21 CET 2015

This app can use an external USB audio interface:



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Hey guys,

While I'm desperatly anxious to go get my HP 35660A this week I'm still considering to ALSO use a small portable system to do audio network analysis.
After seeing all the possibilities I'd be welling to use a small PC with a network spectrum app.
I already have an iPad Air 2 that would be so handy to use but it seems there are about no such apps for that kind of platform using its USB connector for an external audio interface..
Earlier Andrew Simper suggested an available Windows 8 tablet with usb2 port for USD 200.
Such a nice tablet loaded with new stuff.
But is there any pro USB analysis apps for the iPad Air 2 ?
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