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I do not know if this relates at all. There is an article on A Binaural I-Q
Receiver in the March 1999 issue of QST magazine.

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John Marshall

On Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 5:01 PM, Barry Klein <barryklein at cox.net> wrote:

> Another weird question from Barry:
> I often read through threads on a metal detecting technology forum called
> Geotech.  There is one thread that touches on using binaural targeting for
> detectors.
> I suggested it would be cool if someone could make an app that simulated
> several different targets and then move your mouse (or finger) over the
> targets to hear
> how they would sound in binaural space. I was met with silence in the
> thread.  The whole idea of replicating a sensed environment into a sound
> environment is
> an interesting concept – but I’m not sure if it would be beneficial in a
> detector vs stereo or just more complex mono.  Anyone have ideas or
> experiences with this?
> Barry
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