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john slee indigoid at oldcorollas.org
Sun Nov 22 08:14:46 CET 2015


On 22 November 2015 at 10:55, Brian Willoughby <brianw at audiobanshee.com>

> Very nice, John. This is appreciated, so let us know when you've made it
> available. I assume it will run for folks who are not Ruby developers.


You'll need Ruby installed, and installation is... not great right now...
but it does work. It's somewhat documented, even.

Also this only works for XML schematics as emitted by modern Eagle. I'm
afraid I don't know what the cutoff version is. I'm using 7.4.0. I noticed
along the way that Olivier Gillet's schematics/boards are in the old binary

> I often use regular 'grep' to search all available Eagle libraries for a
> package that's not yet in my own library. It's not very sophisticated,
> because all it does it point to libraries that I need to open and then
> manually search for packages, but it does save some time.

I was starting to wonder about libraries. Haven't gone there yet but as the
modern ones are XML... One of the things that seems to be lacking in Eagle
as-is (unless I'm missing something?) is a way to extract parts from
schematics, into new libraries. No promises but I may look at that too

> I imagine that your command-line tool will useful as well for managing and
> coordinating many projects.

I hope so. It's already helping me with a few things. Feedback/constructive
abuse/etc welcome :-)

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