[sdiy] Eagle footprints

Richie Burnett rburnett at richieburnett.co.uk
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Thanks everyone for the suggestions.  I've kind of ended up building my own 
libraries on a per project basis now anyway, so I'll just mod the footprints 
to put a silkscreen dot nearby to mark pin one of the SOIC devices.

As Neil and Brian have said, if your previous board comes back perfect from 
fab/assembly, then all of those footprints are then "approved".  I like that 
way of working, even though I still check all my artworks in obsessive 
detail first using GC-prevue, and laser-print life-size paper boards!


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Hi Richie,

This is one of the reasons why I never use the libraries provided with CAD 
tools.  The quality is just so varied, rarely consistent, and full of 
unknown bugs.  At least if I fab a board with a mistake in a component I 
have created I have only myself to blame!  And quite honestly by the time 
I've thoroughly checked a vendor library for correctness I might as well 
have made it myself.

I separately maintain a catalogue of custom part numbers in a spreadsheet 
(one sheet for each component type), and when I have fabbed a board with a 
new footprint and tested it I then mark that entry in bold so I know it 


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