[sdiy] ATSamD4 Breakout Board

Jim Patchell patchell at cox.net
Mon Nov 9 04:59:08 CET 2015

Hey Eric!

The main reason I picked the Atmel part is because of Atmel Studio. I 
did receive in the mail just yesterday the D21 Explained board, so at 
least I have something to play with.  But that board is not suitable for 
projects.  Something like your breakout is really needed.  Also, it has 
the DAC on board, as well as USB.  I do have some STM Cortex M3 boards I 
also want to play with.  But the 57 each (I am assuming 1000 units here) 
is a very attractive price. Because of my visual handicap I am trying to 
stay away from as much building as possible.  I was hoping to find a 
ready made solution.

Sounds encouraging the amount of stuff you managed to squeeze into a 
cortex M0.

On 11/7/2015 3:11 PM, Eric Brombaugh wrote:
> Have you already decided to go with the Atmel SAMDxx parts or are you 
> just looking for any old Cortex M0? I've done a little breakout done 
> for the STM32F030F4 here:
> http://ebrombaugh.studionebula.com/embedded/stm32f030breakout/index.html
> The parts are really cheap ($0.57 ea in 20qty from Future) and they've 
> got lots of useful features. I did a little DIY Euro-Rack module based 
> on this part and a SPI DAC here:
> http://ebrombaugh.studionebula.com/synth/cheep_mod/index.html
> I've got wavetable oscillators, drum voices and LPC speech running on it.
> I got a few of the Atmel SAMD21 parts a while back but the learning 
> curve between them and the STM32 parts I'm used to is pretty steep so 
> I shelved them. I suppose I should try again at some point.
> Eric
> On 11/07/2015 03:48 PM, Jim Patchell wrote:
>> I will take a looky see.  Sounds pretty good.  Looking forward to the
>> release of a SAMD21 board.  I would really prefere to get something that
>> was already done.
>> -Jim
>> On 11/7/2015 1:05 PM, Byron G. Jacquot wrote:
>>>> I am sorry.  Not enough sleep lately. The processor is actually the
>>>> ATSAMD21, not D4.  Not even sure where the D4 came from in my brain.
>>> Offlist as I want to keep this a little bit quiet:
>>> I know of a small form factor SAMD21 board that's imminent - to be
>>> released in time for Black Friday.  I'll try to remember to point you
>>> to it when it comes out.
>>> In the meantime, take a look at the Teensy 3.2 and it's Audio shield.
>>> Paul Stoffgren has the I2S DMA stuff working such that it's not hard
>>> to add DSP modules.  I'm working through an emulation of a Simmons
>>> drum with one right now, with plenty of horsepower left over.
>>> -Byron Jacquot
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