[sdiy] Elektor Formant synth build

Florian Anwander fanwander at mnet-online.de
Sun Nov 8 15:50:51 CET 2015


The book is nicely written and transports a lot of understanding for 
synthesizer technology. But the Formant itself is based on ICs which are 
no longer in production since many years (is this good english?)

Especially the uA726 in the VCO and the VCF are extremely rare  (that 
rare, that it makes economically sense to produce fake chips). And also 
the CA3080 used for the VCF and the VCA obsolete.

I recommend some other project. For example the stuff from 
www.musicfromouterspace.com or something from www.cgs.synth.net.


On 08.11.15 14:02 , josh wilkinson wrote:
> Hello All,
> My name is Josh Wilkinson, i am part of a Hackerspace in Brisbane Australia.
> Myself and a group of electronics enthusiasts (ranging form electricians to programmers to mechatronics) are keen to build the Elektor Formant synth.
> We have been reading book 1that was published with all the schematics and notes in it.
> Has anyone had any experience building this synth?
> Our main priority obviously is generating a proper PCB file that we can replicate for the modules. Has anyone already converted the PCB schematics in the book to Gerber files?
> If anyone has and feels like sharing that would be incredibly helpful.
> Also any leads on tracking down the tricky Fairchild chips?
> Really any experience with this build would be appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Josh and HSBNE Crew.
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