[sdiy] ATSamD4 Breakout Board

Eric Brombaugh ebrombaugh1 at cox.net
Sun Nov 8 00:11:37 CET 2015

Have you already decided to go with the Atmel SAMDxx parts or are you 
just looking for any old Cortex M0? I've done a little breakout done for 
the STM32F030F4 here:


The parts are really cheap ($0.57 ea in 20qty from Future) and they've 
got lots of useful features. I did a little DIY Euro-Rack module based 
on this part and a SPI DAC here:


I've got wavetable oscillators, drum voices and LPC speech running on it.

I got a few of the Atmel SAMD21 parts a while back but the learning 
curve between them and the STM32 parts I'm used to is pretty steep so I 
shelved them. I suppose I should try again at some point.


On 11/07/2015 03:48 PM, Jim Patchell wrote:
> I will take a looky see.  Sounds pretty good.  Looking forward to the
> release of a SAMD21 board.  I would really prefere to get something that
> was already done.
> -Jim
> On 11/7/2015 1:05 PM, Byron G. Jacquot wrote:
>>> I am sorry.  Not enough sleep lately.  The processor is actually the
>>> ATSAMD21, not D4.  Not even sure where the D4 came from in my brain.
>> Offlist as I want to keep this a little bit quiet:
>> I know of a small form factor SAMD21 board that's imminent - to be
>> released in time for Black Friday.  I'll try to remember to point you
>> to it when it comes out.
>> In the meantime, take a look at the Teensy 3.2 and it's Audio shield.
>> Paul Stoffgren has the I2S DMA stuff working such that it's not hard
>> to add DSP modules.  I'm working through an emulation of a Simmons
>> drum with one right now, with plenty of horsepower left over.
>> -Byron Jacquot
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