[sdiy] uPD444 RAM battery power

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Fri May 29 10:43:26 CEST 2015

At that current the voltage drop on silicon diode will be near zero, 
maybe 0.1V, so it will be quite a margin for the RAM chip data retention.


W dniu 2015-05-29 o 06:40, Adam Inglis pisze:
> This CR-8000 I'm working on uses this CMOS static RAM. The machine has a
> battery compartment for 3 x 1.5 volts AA batteries to retain data.
> I would like to replace this with a CR2032 lithium battery or similar to
> make space for mods.
> The datasheet for the RAM says data retention voltage min = 2 volts,
> current 0.01 microA.
> The battery power line has diode protection from reverse voltage via the
> 5 volt line.
> Any foreseen problems doing that?
> cheers
> Adam
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