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At least the LMC660 can handle 15.5 V. I've designed USB-powered waveform synthesis with excellently performing op-amps that can only handle 6.0 V or 5.5 V. Later, I made the mistake of suggesting that particular part to someone else looking for the performance, but thankfully someone else noticed the maximum supply voltage limits were not appropriate for the other person's needs. I always remember to check absolute maximums when searching for parts, but then I don't always remember to be that detailed when offering suggestions. I suppose it's good that we have tens of thousands of op-amps to choose from, although wading through the lists can be tedious.

The LMC660 would work if you don't need negative voltages in a modular. I suppose you could coax -5 V to +10 V with careful supply planning. It looks like the input is not rail to rail, though. Texas Instruments points to the LMC6484 for rail to rail input and output, but that part handles half a Volt less in total supply (only 15.0 V).


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> It's the LMC660 that taught me to check maximum supply voltage in data sheets....
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> I might just order some of the LMC660 and swap them in on a quad S/H PCB that I'm working on. Sure beats the cheap old TL084.

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