[sdiy] Audio codec question

Eric Brombaugh ebrombaugh1 at cox.net
Sun May 17 00:02:04 CEST 2015

Thanks for the plug Richie. For those who don't know, my synth / DSP site is here:


I've got projects for both dsPIC and STM32 there that include I2S codecs and DACs. As noted earlier in the thread there are lots of MCUs out there that support I2S at relatively low cost - the main issue is just learning the architectures and toolchains.

Tim also asked about compilers - that's a bit of a sticky issue as there are still a lot of "Pro" toolchains out there with high pricetags - Keil's MDK ARM will set you back several kilobucks. There are good free ones though - I have had good luck with the Launchpad GCC ARM Embedded version here:


Downside is that it's a command-line tool so you need to know how to set up makefiles, linker scripts, etc. There's also Em::Blocks which bundles that up with everything you need on Windows, including a nice IDE and libraries / projects for a wide range of MCUs:


I've used that for a few projects and am fairly pleased with it.


On May 16, 2015, at 1:07 PM, Richie Burnett wrote:

> I'd recommend you take a look at Eric Brombaugh's dsPIC boards for examples of the CODEC interface, and built-in audio DAC on the dsPIC platform,
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> Hi,
> Does anyone know of an audio codec that uses SPI instead of I2S?  It seems
> the only processors that have I2S are rather high-end and I don't need that
> much power.

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