[sdiy] Loctite 648 on fader knobs?

Maarten diy at artefacts.nl
Fri May 15 09:53:32 CEST 2015

Loctite 648 is for small gaps( <0.15mm), it will probably not cure if 
the gap it to big. Glue in general works great but makes it impossible 
to replace the fader.
The tape solutions seems to be the best option, I use tape used for gas 
and water, it has no adhesive and stays elastic over time.

Rob Spencer schreef op 14-5-2015 om 20:30:
> Hi,
> I've recently replaced some faders and the new ones have a slightly smaller shaft, so the knobs don't quite stay on.
> I'm thinking of using a small dot of  Loctite 648 but wanted to know if there's a better solution?
> Many thanks in advance
> Rob
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