[sdiy] 8253 modern replacement?

MTG grant at musictechnologiesgroup.com
Fri May 8 19:05:39 CEST 2015

Or this:


"A single chip 1V/Oct voltage controlled digital oscillator, with 20 
waveforms in a scannable wavetable.
The VCDO uses a PIC 16F1847 microprocessor to create a versatile and 
simple voltage-controlled 8-bit digital wavetable oscillator. All 
oscillator parameters are controlled by 0-5V control voltages. The chip 
has a native exponential control response, making interfacing with 
1V/Oct control voltages very simple, even without an exponential convertor."

On 5/8/2015 9:13 AM, Jack Jackson wrote:
> Hmmm, thanks for all the suggestions. I'm wondering if the ATtiny85 arduino (8 pin DIP, 2 x PWM output) could be put to work. It's about the same cost. Maybe feed it the frequency it needs to hold as a byte over a serial line.

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