[sdiy] USAMO

Richie Burnett rburnett at richieburnett.co.uk
Thu Mar 26 15:48:53 CET 2015

> From: Oakley Sound
> The computer OS in conjunction with the DAW software and audio drivers 
> make for spot on audio timing. So all the audio streaming out of your PC's 
> soundcard will be bang on time.
> The midi output timing is woeful in comparison. Midi is not sent ahead of 
> time with timestamps so the interface can then send it when it should. So 
> it gets sent when it can... which is often not fast enough.

It seems crazy in this day and age that MIDI data cant be sent at the right 
time given how slow the final 5-pin DIN connection baud-rate is, compared to 
modern USB and CPU speeds!

I always thought that MIDI data *was* time-stamped and sent ahead of time to 
the MIDI interface.  Isn't that what Roland's MPU401 interface was supposed 
to achieve?  Or is it just that nobody chooses to do it that way, and just 
uses a crappy windows driver and FIFO mode instead?


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