[sdiy] USAMO

Oakley Sound oakleylist at btinternet.com
Thu Mar 26 10:02:43 CET 2015

 > I think using decent MIDI interface the jitter may be down at similar 
level as this...

If only it were so.

The computer OS in conjunction with the DAW software and audio drivers 
make for spot on audio timing. So all the audio streaming out of your 
PC's soundcard will be bang on time.

The midi output timing is woeful in comparison. Midi is not sent ahead 
of time with timestamps so the interface can then send it when it 
should. So it gets sent when it can... which is often not fast enough.

Further to that some DAW software, eg. Ableton Live, can't be bothered 
to send it out properly to the interface layer. In Live's case it's so 
bad that note ons sometimes get sent before the previous note off.

USAMO and the rest of the Expert Sleepers gear has helped a lot of 
people get their midi where it should be.

It doesn't help with any timing problems inherent in midi of course, but 
it does rule out the midi timing errors due to the computer.



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