[sdiy] Round pin 0.1" headers

David G Dixon dixon at mail.ubc.ca
Mon Mar 2 01:23:56 CET 2015

In my previous response, I forgot to mention that these machined sockets can
also be obtained in single-row strips.  I buy them in packages of two 40-pin
rows from Lee's Electronics in Vancouver.  They break easily to give shorter
headers.  They are very high quality, like the best sockets.

If you would like me to send you some of those, email me privately and we
can set it up.  They're not that expensive.  I believe that they're less
than $2 for a package of 80 sockets (2 strips of 40).

Lee's also carries the 0.6" wide, 40-pin IC machined sockets.  See the
middle of this page for a photo:


They're $1.95 each.  Is that what you're looking for?

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