[sdiy] Andromeda A6 repair?

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Mon Jun 22 10:20:15 CEST 2015

So you sa we can all buy broken Andromedas now, and with help of your
flash chips loaded with bootloader and Alesis firmware (you can provide 
it too?) we'll be able to bring it back to life?
Sorry for asking stupid questions, but I'm not entirely sure what you 
actually offering. Anyway, that is great news.
If I only had a broken Andromeda...


W dniu 2015-06-20 o 17:06, Barry Klein pisze:
> Update on this effort: 1.  We have the Freescale/PE Micro BDM
> debugger working with a modified version of CFFlasher and can
> write/read flash and debug. This can fix a corrupted flash without
> removing the part. 2.  We have a new flash image compiled with the
> latest bootloader. I have some parts from China and can program them
> with latest OS and bootloader and send out for repairs. 3.  I
> replaced the flash on my 2nd unit and it still was flakey in softkey
> modes and would not boot.  I had the cpu replaced and....  IT WORKS!
> That makes two! Check for future progress on possible bug fixes etc.
> on gearslutz threads.
> Have you guys checked out the cheap rework stations available on
> ebay?  Hot air and new IR approach. One on there now for $100.
> Amazing.  See, that's what flakey xboxes do for the economy...
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