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On Jun 13, 2015, at 9:26 AM, Richie Burnett <rburnett at richieburnett.co.uk> wrote:

> If you just need a small number of these connectors I wonder if you could bodge something using a tiny non-standard build thickness PCB with some Molex or Samtech contact inserts soldered directly onto the top and bottom surfaces at the correct pitch?  Either blades, or receptacles from some other connector series that mate sufficiently well with the contacts of the unknown connectors.  It's a last resort, not very pretty, and wouldn't have the plastic shell to provide retaining force etc.  but you could track the surface mount pads for the contacts out to a 0.05" pitch or whatever for ribbon cable, or an IDC connector or whatever.

You could always 3D print some sort of shell.

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