[sdiy] SOIC LT101 equivalent / dilemma

Justin Owen juzowen at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 19:48:03 CEST 2015


I recently ordered a bunch of SOIC8 LT1013DDG4 from Farnell as a potential 'upgrade' for a circuit that is currently specced (and working adequately)  using TL074s. I assumed the pinout would be the same - but I've now realised it isn't.

(What I would consider...) The standard/traditional pinout (i.e. the same as the TL07x) is apparently only available in LT101 DIP.

So - for the op-amps in an exponential current source and some CV conditioning/limiting/biasing - what are your suggestions for an SOIC dual op-amp with a 'standard' pinout that'll work off a +/-12V supply - that I can test against a TL074 to see if I get any sort of performance boost?

Would the OPA2134 be a potential contender? I know it's billed as an 'audio' amp.  

FWIW - I did cull back through the many "which op-amp should I use threads" - that's how I ended up looking at the LT1013!

Thanks :)

- Justin

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