[sdiy] SSM2055 ethics

crystal crystals at sonic.net
Wed Jul 15 02:23:45 CEST 2015

i guess that as much as anything it could be a financial question that i 
am asking, too. if i have a few SSM2055s sitting in a box i do have the 
option to sell them to somebody who does have or have access to a dead 
synth in need of one. these things sell for a good bit of money these 
days. i could sell a few and have parts money. then perhaps buy a few 
electric druid env gens and still have spare cash...

i was only thinking about building a few personal modules which changes 
the scope of the discussion. if i build a dual env gen and i have three 
chips then i have a spare. surely, eventually one or more of the chips 
will die but that is the case for all electronic stuff.

i knocked around experimenting with building Ian's AD/AR Env Gen with 
vactrols as resistive elements. easy enough although i may go for OTA or 
SSM2164 instead.

decisions, decisions

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