[sdiy] TR 606 Din Sync problem

Edward Schultheis edwardschultheis at me.com
Sun Jul 12 02:00:48 CEST 2015

 Hi all, my 606 used to sync to my XoX with no problems until recently.
 At first it seemed to short out, but by jiggling the cable is get it working. Now it has stopped completely.
 The clock appears to work, as well as the reset, but not the Start/ Stop.
 I figured that it was a short on pin 1.
I found a trace was bad, and bridged that, but it is still not working.
When I slave the 606 I see the led go on indicating that it is receiving the signal, and it turns off when stopped.
 When I slave the Xoxbox I also see the same, as well as what appears to be the clock rate.
 Does anyone know of another reason the start stop has stopped working?
 Is there a way to test the signal like we can with a midi signal?

Thanks all! 

Edward Schultheis

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