[sdiy] Tech and Hobbyist Retires - Sale

Tony Kalomiris tokalo at videotron.ca
Thu Jul 9 22:25:38 CEST 2015

Hi List,

I announce, with a heavy heart ,my retirement from this wonderful hobby and passion of ours.
Everything is up for sale, tools, parts, boards, dev tools, even synths (yes) .This is a local sale only for the moment.
Too many items to list here . (I will draw up a rough list later..dibs to locals first.)
If interested please contact me off list.

I am in Laval, Quebec and will be holding the 'garage' sale this Sunday morning.

Looking forward to meeting everybody from the Quebec contingent.

It's been fun and thank you to all of you for sharing freely all these years.

Keep on Truckin'

Thank you for your attention.

Tony Kalomiris

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