[sdiy] TR-808 Kick Drum modelling explanation

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I'm not sure about the links.  However, it's not difficult to program these 
sorts of algorithms in C, Visual Basic, or whatever, if you just want to 
synthesise sounds "offline".  i.e. Writing them out to a WAV or AIFF file to 
be played later.  I've even used MS-Excel to test some VA algorithms before. 
Real-time synthesis requires a bit more effort though.


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Just catching up to this. Very interesting reading. I was excited to play 
with the gen~ model but it does not appear to be public. Did I look in the 
wrong place? One of the links in the paper is broken, when they mention 
additional sound samples.

On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 9:48 AM Richie Burnett 
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> Here's a 606 bass drum having its trigger pulse swept from about 0.2ms to
> around 6ms.
> http://www.colinfraser.com/606-trigger-sweep.mp3

Thanks for the MP3 Colin.  It's interesting how the filters in the 606BD
circuit start clipping against the supply rails when the trigger pulse width
ventures much above 1ms.

I guess they designed the filters to max out their dynamic range with the
intended 1ms wide trigger, and they can't cope with the increased energy in
wider pulses without clipping.


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