[sdiy] update on the Yamaha PF-85

Colin Hinz lists at meccanion.com
Mon Jul 6 03:49:41 CEST 2015

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.

Regarding the lubrication issue, I tried lubing one key with
3-in-1 oil, as suggested. Alas, no love. I also tried disassembling
another key, lubing the pivot points with lithium grease, and
again, no love.

Regarding the possibility of plastic cracks, I scrutinised the
parts and didn't find anything amiss. And alas, no, there's no
alignment issues, either.

So it's still a mystery. And unfortunately, I think this one gets
solved by someone else with a bunch of bench space and time on
their hands. I have neither. So Freecycle, here I come.....

Again, thanks for the advice, from those who kindly offered it.

- Colin

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