[sdiy] CV-vactrol circuit

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Fri Jul 3 22:27:45 CEST 2015

Someone said:
Synthrotek has a kit that does that: 

Yes, but I want to use a PCB mount socket and already have a 5V power source, 
and I cannot afford $18 per unit when I need 14 of them.  I hope to do anything 
I can myself to save money. 

I didn't want to mention them by name as some already got the impression that 
there is a conflict.  That is not the case, I just haven't heard back yet, and 
that may be because of the July 4th weekend. That is actually the very schematic 
I used. Please, don't anyone think that Synthrotek had claimed ownership, told 
me to cease, called a lawyer, called me names, or anything else.  It may turn 
out that he doesn't care if I use this and give the surplus boards away.  I'm 
just looking for a back-up plan in case I've done something that's 
I was really trying to avoid the whole Blue Lantern scenario, and now I fear 
I've stepped in it with both feet as there is some speculation about the 
designer's position and he isn't here to speak for himself.  No, this isn't for 
a commercial product, but giving away my extra boards could make it unnecessary 
for others to purchase his kit.  Steve, if you see this, please don't think I 
was bad-mouthing you or trying to get people to choose sides.  I'm merely 
looking for an alternative circuit.  
---- Neil Johnson <neil.johnson71 at gmail.com> wrote: 
> niroke wrote:
> > To be more clear...
> Maybe posting a link to the schematic you're talking about might help
> the conversation?
> And seriously, unless you're developing a commercial product you don't
> need to be concerned about infringing on anyone's IP.
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