[sdiy] Slightly OT: Looking for EFM VCF7B PCB.

crystal crystals at sonic.net
Thu Jan 8 07:16:23 CET 2015

  I would be interested in any of the other EFM filter pcbs if anyone 
has them and would like to trade them off for something useful.


Dave Kendall wrote:
> Hi all.
> Apologies for being a bit OT, but I'd like to get hold of one of these 
> long out-of-production boards for nostalgia reasons, and have had no 
> luck finding one elsewhere.
> Some of you were likely on the old EFM forums back in the day, and may 
> just possibly have an un-built  or part-built one lying around.
> Please contact me off-list if you have any leads. FWIW I'm in the UK .
> cheers,
> Dave

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