[sdiy] Microcontrollers for eurorack use... What to use?

Scott Gravenhorst music.maker at gte.net
Sat Jan 3 17:18:55 CET 2015

Hi Paul,

I don't have a precise answer for this, however, I've successfully 
powered 4 dsPICs (28 pin DIP) from a single 1 ampere 3.3volt supply. 
three of the dsPICs were doing audio, one was acting as a MIDI 
controller talking to two of the others as voice engines over SPI.

Judging from the datasheet (70292G.pdf), near the end there are some 
graphs showing current (high and low logic levels) for different numbers 
of IO pins up to 16.  With 16 pins at 3.3v supply, it looks like about 
90mA.  I am assuming this is with the IC running at 40 MIPS (and I don't 
know if this is simply the IO current or if it's total device current - 
there may be more information in the datasheet, I just now took a quick 
look).  The dsPIC also has some power saving features, but I've not used 
them as I'm trying to get as much continuous computing power as possible.


Paul Perry <pfperry at melbpc.org.au> wrote:
 >Scott, (or anyone!) what's the current draw on that Microchip dsPIC33F 
 >in typical audio use?  Someone told me they are pretty thirsty,but 
 >obviously it is very frequency dependent.
 >paul perry Melbourne Australia
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 >From: "Scott Gravenhorst"
 >> I use the Microchip dsPIC33F, specifically, (for 28 pin DIP DIY)
 >> dsPIC33FJ128GP802.  This 16 bit device will run up to 40 MIPS and
 >> has a
 >> built in 16 bit delta-sigma stereo DAC capable of sample rates up to
 >> 100
 >> kHz.  The DAC is designed specifically for audio.
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