[sdiy] Microcontrollers for eurorack use... What to use?

Tim Ressel timr at circuitabbey.com
Fri Jan 2 22:15:07 CET 2015

Hi Guy,
I've used Atmel AVRs for years. The compiler is free and the chips are cheap and easy to figure out. Atmel also has 32 bit chips if you need more power.

The DSPICs from Microchip are nifty as they are dsp and some at least have audio DACs. And they have some in DIP packages for easy breadboarding. MikroElektronica has some nifty tools for those and many other chips.

I've been looking at the Freescale Kinetis Microcontrollers, specifically the M20 series because they can drive audio codec chips. I think my new FM oscillator will be based on those.
Tim Ressel
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Subject: [sdiy] Microcontrollers for eurorack use... What to use?

Hi everyone!
My first post after observing for many years... :)

I have been making some eurorack modules lately, all analog which has
been a lot of fun, but now want to try some micro-controller based
stuff. And there are two levels of cpu power i'm considering.

Something simple, like for a CV recorder and something more complex,
like a multi channel audio looper.

I realize there are many options but what do you guys think would be a
good starting point for projects like the two above?

Ideally factoring in:
Chip types/families, ram, flash etc
Built in features: audio io?
Power consumption - the less the better
Maturity of existing libraries for audio etc

I have decades experience with c/c++/c#, so the code doesn't worry me
too much, I really would like to select hardware which is appropriate,
rather than just guessing (i tried some test with netduino boards but
there seemed slow and not great for realtime stuff)

Thanks in advance
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