[sdiy] Enclosure/frame advice needed.

blacet at blacet.com blacet at blacet.com
Thu Jan 1 19:56:01 CET 2015

"how to house it in an
> expandable way"

Sounds like the defintion of a Modular system.

Lots of DIY stuff including frames, boxes, power and kits at blacet.com.

> Hello all, recently someone posted info on a Threeler here that caught
> my fancy. I want to build one, but don't know how to house it in an
> expandable way. Meaning, I don't know anything about how you guys frame
> your modules. I will use it to modify the output from a bowed bass and
> realize as time goes by I might want to add an lfo for and such, so I'd
> like to know what sort of expandable frames you guys use.
>   I recently finished, with lots of help from Harry Bissell Jr., a pitch
> to voltage convertor and envelope follower to generate control voltage.
> That was a closed-end project so to speak, so I knew what I wanted as an
> enclosure. You'll find pics of that here:
> http://www.radioles.com/works/bissellizer_complete.jpg
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