[sdiy] diy stomp pedal question

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Wed Dec 30 18:59:19 CET 2015

Thanks for all the replies. I had a simple SPDT stomp swith in the drawer
and with some finagling of connections made it work. I am now sadly out of
those types of switches and really like the simple connection on/off type
wiring plan.

So new question: using a 6 pin DPDT stomp switch like this one
(https://www.sparkfun.com/products/retired/11151) or the more common 9 pin
how would I wire these to do simple SPDT work (ie: two options in, one or
the other out via the switch open/close).

I know I'd short a few pins to each other but damn if it wasn't obviously
to be which ones. Rather than keep guessing I figured i'd ask the masters

Thanks again for any/all ideas or help.

> Without seeing a schematic it's hard to tell for certain... but it
> sounds like a 3 terminal SPDT switch would work.

>> Subject: [sdiy] diy stomp pedal question
>> -- I'm building a power starve, very simple circuit. Power supply in
>> hits pot and resistor which mimics "battery drain" and then out to pedal.

>> I want to add a stomp switch so this can bypass the drain and send full
power and then when engaged it goes to the drain setting. What stomp
switch should I use (I have six terminal and three terminal.ones). What
connections go where?

>> Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

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