[sdiy] Home silkscreen painting ?

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Thanks for all these great responses 

It sounds like it may be possible (in my garage) but would take a lot of " working the kinks out" and a lot of ventilation. 

The laser co2 etching sounds neato too !


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> On Aug 30, 2015, at 1:32 PM, "Tom Arnold" <xyzzy at sysabend.org> wrote:
>> On Sat, Aug 29, 2015 at 07:55:26PM -0400, Dan Snazelle wrote:
>> After seeing bruce from Modcan in I dream of wires doing HIS OWN PANELS in his shop, I started wondering how hard it would be ( once you order the screen of your art online) to do the same 
>> Anyone know 
>> 1, what kind of inks do you order?
> A while back in SDIY, Paul Schreiber posted what powder coating he was using
> on his panels and I think which Epoxy ink he was using.  A trip through the
> archives is in order.  It was in reference to making MOTM module production
> more environmentally friendly.
>> 3. How is it different than t shirt printing
> Epoxy Ink eventually destroys the screen.  Other inks/paints dont stick well
> to Powder Coat.  Of course, if you're going to *paint* your panels you can
> probably use some other paint on top and maybe that can be cleaned from the
> screens.  I don't... ( more on this in a sec )
>> 4 ventilation? Dangers ?
> No such thing as too much ventilation with epoxy ink, or any any other
> solvent based paint/ink.  Couple 20" box fans and cover them with cheap air
> conditioner filters so they don't get too badly painted over time.  Thats
> what I used to knock down powder coat powder and fumes.  If you can light a
> match in front of you and smell it, you need more airflow.
> Silkscreens : So, you wanna try this at home.  Awesome.  Get some white
> Speedball poster paint and experiment.  Very safe, look for the kid friendly
> stuff.  Not insanely durable, but you need to see if you can get your
> workflow tolerable before you go crazy with proper paint.
> Have a look at http://www.craftyprinters.com ( used to be called Circuit
> Bridge )
> These are photo sensitive plastic screens.  Basically $10 for a letter sized
> sheet, so not "cheap", but cheap enough to just throw away when you're done if
> you are using Evil Ink.  You can get a starter kit.  Make the screen frame
> from stiff cardboard and tape, and give it a try.  I can get 3 different
> frak/euro sized modules from one sheet and they sell smaller sheets.
> On the subject of powder coating.  Thrift store toaster oven $20.  Self
> contained powder coating gun ( Craftsman brand ) ebay $30. ( Summitracing
> has it for $50, WAI Powdercoat gun ).  Black matte powder $15.  The WAI gun
> only holds a small amount of powder, but way more then enough for doing a
> bunch of modules.  Once you work the kinks out, so much nicer and more
> predictable then painting.
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